Dearest Pancake Brains, Taking a short break from the internet has made me realize that I need a much longer one. As most of you know, almost four years…
I'm taking a break from the internet.
(Hello new pals!)
The political statement behind covering your mouth and nose.
Note: No thesauruses were harmed in the writing of this ambiguous drivel.
What are your thoughts and feelings on this newsletter so far?
Mark Zuckerberg currently wields singular power over a platform that could empower the growth of true democracy. Instead, he insists on endlessly…
(This message contains earnestness.)
"The Room Where It Happened" is that Republicans are a bunch of brazen cowards.
A roast of America's foremost poster boy for white supremacy.
Donald Trump is a racist authoritarian. He's not even pretending otherwise.
An interview with the first-ever Asian American legislator to represent Chinatown, as she leads her district through the coronavirus, and the racism…