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America is currently an oligarchy organized by the hierarchy of the white supremacist patriarchy. Pancake Brain is a Friday newsletter dedicated to replacing the status quo with equitable public power, and a community dedicated to building the discipline of democracy that equity requires. We move through the world committed to a daily practice of activism and critical thinking. We reject limitations and embrace the possibilities of social imagination, certain that the queer future is better than anything we’ve yet dreamed up. We insist on our right and duty to the political conversation, and empower others to join us. Out of love for ourselves and the collective, we are engaged in a sustainable practice of freedom.

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In addition to being a weekly newsletter, we have plans to grow Pancake Brain into a virtual garden. We want this to be a place where we can have the kinds of thoughtful conversations that are so sorely missing from social media. In the long run, that will include discussion threads, a book club, and live video feeds. For now, maybe you can invite your friends by sharing this post? Let’s recruit all the smart / funny / kind folks to hang out in our corner of the internet. ;)

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Award-winning and -losing writer. Author of "How to Start a Revolution: Young People and the Future of American Politics." Asshole in recovery.