Book Club: Let's discuss "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

I was blown away by this book as if in a hurricane — thank you to my pal Aditi Juneja for the suggestion / truly, how dare my high school not make it required reading?

I’m so excited to hear your thoughts. (What were the most moving parts of the book for you? What pieces of the story were you most struck by? Is there anything specific you would you like to discuss in more detail?)

For me, the most essential wisdom comes from Janie’s connection between God and self-validation. They are one in the same, and that clicked for me at a new level in the final pages.

Also, speaking of our great creator: It is truly amazing that Zora Neale Hurston wrote this cinematic hero of black feminism in the year 1937. (I’m going to be able to picture the part were she lets her hair down in the mirror after Husband #2 dies for the rest of my life. That scene alone is a goddamn masterpiece.)